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Many users need protection and channel management tools, here we supply everyone with the tools and knowledge you'll need to IRC safely and securely operate your channel. There are two sections, one for channel protection and the other for personal protection.

Channel Protection

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    Spam Protection 3
    Written by DeviL

    As we advance in scripting, protection, and more features on the internet, we get smarter. As we get smarter, spammers get smarter. There is no full proof way to protect against spammers because no one is the same. Even though this is true, we still try our best to protect or filter outselves from them. In this article, I will not only go over some code but give some ideas and methods we can use to make ourselves end up with less spam or none at all.

    First off, let's go through some things we can do to help us recieve less spam. These steps are listed below, in the box.

     Dalnet users can now use +R to only allow registered nicknames to private message you.
     How do I do this? Type //mode $me +R in your command line in mIRC.
     This is a usermode. This also blocks anything that is private to you, including dcc's/ctcp's/notices..etc.
     Some networks other than Dalnet also support this as well.
     For any user, not just network specific, you may want to try ignoring private messages.
     If this doesn't fit you well, you can try making a friend list, using mIRC's user levels.
     This will allow only friends to contact you privately.
     To do this, simple add this code below to your remotes:
      on ^*:text:*:?: { if ($level($nick) != friend) { close -m $nick | haltdef } }
     To add friends to your friend list, simply type: /auser friend <nick>
     You may also do this for any other events such as ctcp's and notices..etc

    Both of the above are mainly for private matters and not channel specific. If you want to have channel protection, please read on below. Also, you may want to download a little scriptlet I made which is a spam checker bot.

    Below I have a few newer methods to fit the needs of today's channels being spammed. As always, you may modify them to fit your channel needs. They are meant to be a model for users to make it easier to protect their channels. Check out the code below:

    Method #1

    on ^*:open:?: { ; Above listens for any opening message windows as the ? refers to msgs. if (*http*//* iswm $1- || *join*#* iswm $1- || *porn* iswm $1- || *sex* iswm $1-) { ; Above you see all the text it will listen for when being messaged. var %c $comchan($nick,0) while (%c) { if ($me isop $comchan($nick,%c)) { ban $comchan($nick,%c) $nick 2 | kick $comchan($nick,%c) $nick } dec %c } ; as soon as it finds any matches, it kick/bans the user from all matching channels haltdef ; Since we found matches, we'll just stop mIRC from even opening the window to bother us } }

    We'll get more methods posted very soon. For now, use these methods as they should help you out a lot already. When I finish this article, we'll also go over protecting yourself against flooders so check back on this page soon for it's update!