Syntax: /msg BotServ  BOT ADD nick user host real
             BOT CHANGE oldnick newnick [user [host [real]]]
             BOT DEL nick
     Allows Services admins to create, modify, and delete
     bots that users will be able to use on their own
     BOT ADD adds a bot with the given nickname, username,
     hostname and realname. Since no integrity checks are done
     for these settings, be really careful.
     BOT CHANGE allows to change nickname, username, hostname
     or realname of a bot without actually delete it (and all
     the data associated with it).
     BOT DEL removes the given bot from the bot list.
     Note: you cannot create a bot that has a nick that is
     currently registered. If an unregistered user is currently
     using the nick, they will be killed.
  • SET
     These options are reserved to Services admins:
         NOBOT            Prevent a bot from being assigned to
                             a channel
         PRIVATE          Prevent a bot from being assigned by
                             non IRC operators
       Syntax: /msg BotServ  SET channel NOBOT {ON|OFF}
       This option makes a channel be unassignable. If a bot
       is already assigned to the channel, it is unassigned
       automatically when you enable the option.
       Syntax: /msg BotServ  SET bot-nick PRIVATE {ON|OFF}
       This option prevents a bot from being assigned to a
       channel by users that aren't IRC operators.