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How to make psyBNC automatically identify with Nickserv

Create a directory psybnc/scripts/:
mkdir ~/psybnc/scripts/

move to psybnc/scripts' directory
cd ~/psybnc/scripts

Create a script file named USER01.SCRIPT:

from the scripts dir type

A dark screen will appear, it is paste the code :

server NOTICE NickServ!services@* * "*This nickname is registered and protected*" echo "PRIVMSG NickServ :IDENTIFY <PASSWORD>"

<PASSWORD> Change the password to your nickserv password

USER1.SCRIPT USER2.SCRIPT etc look in your user list at psybnc.conf

Push Ctrl + x to exit editor, and they ask you if you're sure, press Y for yes, it's done ask you for the file you just saved It should USER01.SCRIPT, press Enter. You are now back inside your shell.

In your IRC client, type /SRELOAD

A second option is to let PsyBNC provide the password when it connects to the IRC network. When you are connected to your PsyBNC with your IRC client, and let's say freenode is network 1. We do:

/quote bquit
/quote delserver 1
/quote addserver :6667 <PASSWORD>
/quote bconnect

So, from now on PsyBNC will automaticly ident with nickserv when it connects to Zemra netowrk.

Enjoy. . . :D