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EggDrop is the world's most popular Open Source IRC bot, designed for flexibility and ease of use, and is freely distributable under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Eggdrop was originally developed by Robey Pointer; however, he no longer works on Eggdrop so please do not contact him for help solving a problem or bug.

Development History

It was originally written by Robey Pointer in December 1993 to help manage and protect the EFnet channel #gayteen; one Eggdrop bot version was named Valis. Eggdrop was originally intended to help manage and protect channels from takeover attempts and other forms of IRC war.


The bot is written in the C programming language and features interfaces for C modules and Tcl scripts that allow users to further enhance the functionality of the bot.

A large number of Tcl scripts are available to expand the bot's functionality, most of them written by Eggdrop users. Scripts are available to add and extend support for: online games, stats, user and channel management, information storage and lookup, greeting channel members, tracking last seen times, botnet management, anti-spam, file serving and distribution (usually via the DCC protocol), IRC services (similar to ChanServ and NickServ), and much more.

Eggdrop includes built-in support for sharing user information and channel bans, however a script is required to simultaneously control multiple bots and for bots to coordinate channel management and modes.

The bot also features a botnet, which allows multiple bots to be linked together to share data and act in a coordinated fashion. The botnet supports a "party line", which is accessible via DCC CHAT and telnet. People can communicate within the botnet on various channels in an equivalent to a miniature IRC. Channel 0, the default, is referred to as the "party line".

Some benefits of Eggdrop:

  • The oldest IRC bot still in active development (Eggdrop was created in 1993)
  • Established IRC help channels and web sites dedicated to Eggdrop
  • Countless premade scripts and C modules
  • Best of all ... It's FREE!