Protection on IRC

Many users need protection and channel management tools, here we supply everyone with the tools and knowledge you'll need to IRC safely and securely operate your channel. There are two sections, one for channel protection and the other for personal protection.

Channel Protection

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    Query Text Flood Protection
    Written by Kintar0

    Protect yourself from annoying flooders who load multiple clones and message flood you, making you get hundreds of query windows. This is a very dangerous flood for users who /whois on query. It may also be a good idea not to do that. The code below goes into mIRC remotes.

    on ^*:open:?: { if ($query(0) > 5) { .ignore -pu45 * silence + $+ $wildsite echo -a Query window flood detected, ignoring messages for 45 seconds... close -m haltdef } }

    Above, mIRC listens to openning query (msg) windows. If the number of open query windows exceed 5 at any time, mIRC ignores future query's for 45 seconds, silences the host who triggered the script, and closes all query windows. Note that not all IRC networks support silence so be sure it exists before using it. Most popular networks should have no problem with it.

    Silence is a server command which blocks users from sending any data to you. The server stop's it before it's sent to you so. This prevents the address from flooding you anymore. The reason I use silence along with ignore is because ignore just makes mIRC not display what's sent and/or doesn't respond to it, you still recieve the data. In the case of a flood, you could disconnect from buffer overflows...etc. With silence, it never gets to you.

    on ^*:open:?: { ; mIRC listens for new query windows with a message if ($query(0) > 5) { ; Checks if you have more than 6 queries open ; You can change 5 to your liking, it shouldn't be set too low .ignore -pu45 * ; You can change 45 to fit your needs... silence + $+ $wildsite ; Not all networks support this, comment it out if you're unsure echo -a Query window flood detected, ignoring messages for 45 seconds... ; mIRC ignore's messages and silences the user's host close -m ; Closes all open query windows haltdef ; Stops this current query window from opening } }