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UnrealIRCd Config Generator

Network Name (e.g. irc.

Would you like to enable SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?:

Max Clients Allowed to Connect:

Network Description (e.g. Chat Network!):

Numeric Ident - Must be between 1 and 255 & be unique from other shells connected to the network! (i.e. 1):

Network Owner (e.g. John):

Oper Nickname (i.e. The name used to oper up with):

Password Encryption Type:

Encrypted Oper Password (To find out how to encrypt a password see here):

Oper Whois Line (This shows up when someone preforms a whois on you if you are opered up):

Enter the IP Address for the Shell the IRCd is being setup on (e.g.

Password to "die" the Server (shut the server down) - This does not need to be encrypted:

Password to "restart" the Server - This does not need to be encrypted:

Help Channel (e.g. #services/#help/#chat):

Cloak key #1 (For more information on cloak keys see here):

Cloak key #2 (For more information on cloak keys see here):

Cloak key #3 (For more information on cloak keys see here):

Oper Chan - Channel that ircops will join when they oper up (e.g. #admins/#opers/#ircops):

Virus Chan - Infected users get sent here by the spamfilter when they send a spam message (e.g. #infected/#help):

Help and Information

How to encrypt a password

To encrypt a password, type /mkpasswd into the status window of a network you are an ircop on. For example /mkpasswd sha1 test would return ** Authentication phrase (method=sha1, para=test) is: $8rvIvg3C$uL/QGEFj2p79Tv1GnruvEUnmDNE=. The section of that to copy and paste into the password box would be $8rvIvg3C$uL/QGEFj2p79Tv1GnruvEUnmDNE=.

Note: To use sha1 you must change the following option to "Yes" when compiling your IRCd

Do you want to support SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections?
[No] -> Yes

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Cloak keys

You need to use a string with random lowercase (a-z), uppercase (A-Z) and digit characters. The string should be 5-100 characters long (10-20 is just fine)
So for example:

Key 1: uvEUnmEFj2p79Tv1Gnr
Key 2: GnruvEUnmEFj2p79Tv1
Key 3: ruvEUnmEFj2p7uvEUnm

These cloak keys must be the same on all servers on the networks or else bans won't work correctly.

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