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NeoStats is a piece of software that provides unique services to the a network via loadable modules. NeoStats is an extended service and does not provide the traditional NickServ/ChanServ, but instead provides services such as LogServ, GameServ, SecureServ and StatsServ all of which are documented below.

NeoStats is not actively developed, and hasn't been for many years. So we recommend you try out a modern variant such as Denora instead of NeoStats.

Supported IRCd's

Latest Stable Release

Remember, this release is many years old, and will likely cause problems for you with more modern software. However we provide this link purely for historical purposes.

The last release is 3.0.1, and the tar.gz can be downloaded Here

NeoStats Service Bots

SecureServ is an IRC trojan detector it is much like a virus scanner, but aimed at IRC networks. Using several methods, including version checks, behavior analysis, and general pattern matching, it aims to detect trojans, viruses, and floodbots which connect to your IRC network. Its "brains" are based on a "Definition file" which contains information on how to detect trojans. To update detection for new trojans, you only have to download a new file.

LimitServ is designed to monitor channels and set the channel limit as users join and part the channel. This can help reduce the effect of Flood Attacks against a channel.

GameServ provides a variety of games for the users to play.

LogServ logs the events of a network,

LoveServ can be used to send funny random messages to another users. Similair to MoraleServ

MoraleServ can be used to send funny random messages to another users. Similair to LoveServ

StatServ provides statistical services to the network such as user, oper, server counts and uptime. It can also echo this information to a web page of your choice.

ConnectServ is designed to echo activity on your network to the services log channel. ConnectServ will echo things like: users signing on/off the network, killing of users, nick changes, users going /away and returning. ConnectServ can even be customised so colour messages can be used to distinguish the different events.

HostServ is designed to let users use their own unique host while on the Network. IRC Operators add them to the database and when users either identify to HostServ, or Identify for a registered nick that was used when the Vhost was created, the user gets their unique host.

SeenServ was designed so users can utilize a command that will allow them to see when another user was last on the network.

FloodServ was designed to prevent various floods on the network, such as channel text floods and revolving door floods.

QuoteServ is designed to provide random "funny" quotes to users. It can optionally be configured to send a random quote to new users signing onto your network.