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-- Rregullorja e IRCop/Administratorve
-- Disa IRCop Komanda
-- Mibbit vizitoret
-- Shkurtesa per IRCop
-- Full IRCOp Commands List
-- UnrealIRCd O:Line flags


Per te lexuar kete artikull duhet te beni login!

UnrealIRCd O:Line flags

		 r = Access to /rehash server
		 h = Oper can send /help ops - gets +h on oper up
		 g = Oper can send /globops
		 w = Oper can send /wallops
		 l = Oper can send /locops
		 c = Access to do local /squits and /connects
		 k = Access to do local /kills
		 b = Oper can /kline users from server
		 B = Oper can /unkline users from server
		 n = Oper can send local server notices (/notice $servername message)
		 u = Oper can set /umode +c
		 f = Oper can set /umode +f
		 O = Global oper, flags included: oRDK
		 o = Local oper, flags included: rhgwlckbBnuf
		 R = Access to /restart server
		 D = Access to /die server
		 K = Access to do global /kills
		 A = Gets +A on oper up. Server Administrator
		 a = Gets +a on oper up. Services Administrator
		 N = Gets +N on oper up. Network Administrator
		 T = Gets +T on oper up. Technical Administator
		 C = Gets +C on oper up. Co Administrator
		 Y = Access to do remote /squits and /connects
		 z = Can add /zlines
		 H = Gets +x on oper up.
		 W = Gets +W on oper up.	  
		 ^ = Allows to use umode +I
		 * = Flags AaNCTzSHW^