Protection on IRC

Many users need protection and channel management tools, here we supply everyone with the tools and knowledge you'll need to IRC safely and securely operate your channel. There are two sections, one for channel protection and the other for personal protection.

Channel Protection

  • Guest Nick Kicker
  • !list Kicker
  • Mass Clone Flood Protection
  • Mass Kick Protection
  • Repeat Flood Protection
  • Ban Protection
  • Long Text Kicker
  • Spam/Advertisement Kicker [Fixed]
  • Clone Protection
  • Revolving Door Kicker
  • Seen Script Kicker
  • Swear Kicker
  • Control Code Kicker
  • Excess Punctuation Kicker
  • Caps Kicker
  • Caps Kicker #2
  • Control Code Kicker #2
  • Repeat Kicker
  • Personal Protection

  • Ctcp Flood Protection
  • Dcc Flood Protection
  • Query Window Flood Protection
  • Notice Flood Protection
  • Internet/PC Protection

    Ban Protection

    Ban Protection

    Written by DeviL

    Here we'll go through auto unbanning yourself on channels. There are a few ways to do it depending on your IRC network, access, and/or preference. Be sure to have your IAL on. IAL can be turned on by typing /ial on in mIRC. There is 2 methods to this. The code below should go into mIRC remotes.

    Method #1
    on @!*:ban:#: {
      if ($banmask iswm $address($me,5)) {
        mode # -ob $nick $banmask
        kick # $nick Don't ban me!

    Above, mIRC listens to bans which aren't set by you when you are op. If the address of the ban matches your address, mIRC deops and kick/bans the user. The downside to the code above is if multiple bans are set, you may not catch them all. You can copy/paste the code above into remotes. Below is method #2.

    Method #2
    on @!*:ban:#: {
      if ($banmask iswm $address($me,5)) {
        chanserv unban #
        mode # -o $nick
        kick # $nick Don't ban me!

    Method #2 assumes the network has channel services, such as ChanServ. Not all IRC networks have services or do not support the /chanserv command. Check your network to see how you should use it. If your IRC network doesn't have channel services, try method #1. This method allows chanserv to unban all matches against you though, so that's an advantage.

    If you find any errors or have any questions/comments, please contact us via email, memo, or our script forum. Thanks for your time.