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If you know nothing about bncs, a bnc is short for a 'bouncer.' A bnc acts as a proxy for irc, allowing you to hide your real IP address and use a vhost (vanity host - something like ''). What are the advantages of this? Well, mainly there's just one important one: It'll stop stupid packet kiddies from trying to knock you off the network. Everyone hates getting disconnected, and with a bnc on a decent shell, you should be pretty immune. Remember though: the kiddies can still nuke you, but it is assumed that the shell provider has a high-bandwidth line that allows it to withstand the numerous packets. If your shell is on a 56.6, you'll still be screwed.

psybnc wont start if setting SSL

save the conf file and re-install latest stable psyBNC2.3.2-7

Cannot create listening port .. aborting

You can try to change the psyBNC port
If it shows your bnc is UP and running, and you cant kill the process, try su root and than ps

How to reset psybnc admin password?

1) login to your shell
2) ps x and kill your psybnc process
3) type cd psybnc
4) type pico psybnc.conf
5) Now you have to edit line "USER1.USER.PASS==`Q0Q1`0p1K1R0x0I" e.g USER1.USER.PASS=yourpassword
5) press ctrl+x key together to save your changes
NOTE When you add the new password, make sure it has ONLY ONE = and not two ==
6) start your psybnc and type your new password (which will get encrypted itself)