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The EnergyMech is a fully functional IRC bot, written entirely in the C programming language. It has common features such as userlists, shitlists, channel protection, DCC partyline, botnet and lots more.

The EnergyMech started out as a hack of the combot but is today quite different and more sophisticated. One of the main ideas of the EnergyMech is that it should be easy both to setup and use. The popular eggdrop requires that TCL is installed on a system for it to compile sucessfully, the EnergyMech has no such requirements. A person that is familiar with UNIX would have no trouble installing an EnergyMech and getting it up and running.


Compiles and runs on most any standard UNIX!
The EnergyMech was developed primarily for Linux and Solaris, however it functions perfectly OK on most other types of unices with a few exceptions based on compile-time options. Successful compilations has been reported for AIX, BSD/OS, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OSF/1 (DEC UNIX), SunOS 4.x and Solaris (SunOS 5.x).

Installs quickly, easy to configure and easy to run!
With a bit of experience, an EnergyMech normally doesn't take more than a few minutes to download, compile, configure and run. With precompiled distributions it's quite possible to get a mech up and running within a couple of minutes!

Run more than one bot in a process and link them with others!
The EnergyMech can be configured to link with other EnergyMechs, creating botnets with partyline, remote execution of commands and autoopping of bots to keep channels safer! Bots in the same process are virtually linked at all times. Advantages of multi-head bots.

Very low CPU and memory usage!
The EnergyMech has been designed to use only small amounts of memory and process time. This will enable you to run more bots without using up large amounts of resources.

IRC proxy services in the same process as the bot!
Yes indeed, there is no need to run any extra process in order to get an irc bouncer for your favourite virtual host!

How To Install EnergyMech

tar -zxvf emech-2.9.4.tar.gz
cd emech-2.9.4
make clean install
cp sample.set mech.set
configure your mech.set file

Mech Files


tar xvf master.tar.gz
rm -rf master.tar.gz

mv energymech-master energymech
cd energymech
-- Since you are reading this file, you have most likely already come to this point.

-- This script will prompt you for features to include or exclude, going with the default is not a bad idea.

make clean install
If all went well you should now have an executable called "energymech".


Read the sample.conf file to get an idea of the config file commands and then try to make your own. A basic setup doesnt need
much more than NICK, ALTNICK, SET USERFILE, JOIN and SERVER entries, the rest is just tweaks of default values.

Quick steps:
cp sample.conf mech.conf

pico mech.conf
-- replace ''pico'' with your favourite text editor, look through the file for sections to change, you will have to remove lines
in order to get the bot to work. Check the file completely!

make a userfile

construct a temporary file (trick.conf) containing;

set userfile whateveryouwant
user + handle * *!*yourident@* 100 password

then 'run' this file with './energymech -f trick.conf'. this will create a userfile with the name you chose ('mech.passwd'
is a good descriptive name which I usually use myself).

re-use the filename you selected in your proper configuration file. and remember to 'rm -f mech.session' if you compiled your
energymech with session support.


That should get you running. If you don't see your bot come on IRC after a few minutes, you should try running the bot in debug mode
to see what's going on with...

./energymech -d

If you get an 'Unknown option -d', you need to answer 'Y' to debug support when running ./configure from the compiling section above.

  • wget
  • tar -zxvf emech-3.0.3.tar.gz
  • rm -rf emech-3.0.3.tar.gz
  • cd emech-3.0.3
  • ./configure
  • make clean install
  • cp sample.conf mech.conf
  • configure your mech.conf file
  • edit checkmech line cd /home/user/emech*/
  • ./energymech

How to Install EnergyMech on FreeBSD

  • wget
  • tar -zxvf  emech-2.8.5-freebsd-static.tar.gz
  • rm -rf emech-2.8.5-freebsd-static.tar.gz
  • cd emech-2.8.5-freebsd-static
  • ./genuser
  • enter handle (Nickname first than HOST/IP)
  • comment this line on checkmech file: # echo �You havent edited checkmech yet!!�
  • change this line cd /home/user/emechfolder
  • create mech.set file
  • add your mech users
  • ./mech (if you add more than one energymech you should now run ./genuser *mechfile)
  • run ./mech