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How To Configure NeoStats

NeoStats Configuration

Once you have completed installing NeoStats, its now time to configure it.

The simplest way to configure NeoStats is to run "makeconf" from your NeoStats installation Directory, but this section will also go into detail about every configuration option available.

If you are Upgrading NeoStats, then in most cases, you can skip this step, and just start NeoStats as normal. If there are any changes that are required to your configuration, you should have read about them when you Read the Release notes during configuration

1. Running makeconf

Once you have Installed NeoStats, generating the configuration file is very straight forward. Change directory to the NeoStats installation:

cd ~/NeoStats3.0

and issue the following command:

./neostats start

NeoStats will detect that this is the first time you have run NeoStats and start the Configuration Utility. The following screen should be displayed:

./justin-mac:~/NeoStats3.0 justin$ ./neostats start

NeoStats is not configured. Running Config Script...

Starting configuration.. 
/Users/justin/NeoStats3.0/neostats.conf is not found. (good)

Thanks for Choosing NeoStats!
*----------------------------------------* | Welcome to the /Users/justin/NeoStats3.0/neostats.conf generator. | *----------------------------------------* Which IRC server do you use? 1) Unreal 3.1.x 2) Unreal 3.2.x 3) Ultimate 2.x.x 4) Ultimate 3.x.x 5) Hybrid7 6) Bahamut 1.4 7) Bahamut 1.8 8) Plexus 9) IRCu P10 10) Asuka 11) Nefarious [] ->

In this screen, type the number that corresponds to your IRCd

2. NeoStats Nickname

What will your root nickname be? (ie: NeoStats)
 [NeoStats] -> 

The root nickname is the nickname that the main NeoStats bot will use when connecting to your network. Generally, you should accept the default NeoStats

3. NeoStats Bot host

What will your service host be? (ie:
 [] -> 

This is the hostname that most of the NeoStats bots will appear to connect from. Some networks like to use the domain name of their network. Type a hostname and press enter.

4. Server Name

What will your server name be? (ie:
 [] -> 

This section asks you to configure the NeoStats Server name. This is the name that NeoStats Server will appear on your network, as is the name that you should use in your IRCd CN (or LinkBlock) lines.

make sure you do not use any uppercase characters in this option. Some IRCd's have problems with mixed case server names

5. IRCd IP address

What is your IRC server's IP? (ie:
 [] -> 

In 99% of cases, is the wrong IP address (even if NeoStats is running on the same box as your IRCd). This IP address should be the public IP address of NeoStats (eg, your P or ListenBlock IP address in your IRCd). Enter a IP address and hit enter

6. IRCd Port Number

What is the IRCd's Link port? (ie: 7890)
 [6667] -> 

This is the port that NeoStats will connect to when linking to your network. Enter a valid port

7. IRCd Password

What is the IRCd's Link password for stats? (ie: bleh)
 [linkpassword] -> 

This is the "unencrypted" password used to link to your server. enter it and hit enter

8. NeoStats Server Command

NeoStats Server comment?
 [NeoStats 3.0 IRC Services] -> 

This is the text that is usually displayed next to the server name when you issue the /links command from IRC.

9. Services Channel

What channel should NeoStats join on IRC?
 [#services] -> 

The Main NeoStats bot joins this channel, and optionally, the other NeoStats bots (from modules) will also join this channel. Enter a private channel on your network (one that users can't get into, because NeoStats can and will display sensitive information on your network)

10. Reconnect Time

Time in seconds we wait before attempting to reconnect to the server on a split?
 [10] -> 

This is the time we wait before trying to reconnect to your IRCd. The default should be fine

11. Default IP address

What IP should NeoStats Bind to? (ie:
This is optional. See neostats.conf for more information
 [ <- CHANGETHIS!!] -> 

This option sets the IP address that NeoStats will perform all its TCP/IP connections from. is WRONG, so you should either set it to your public IP address, or enter a blank string to bind to the default IP address of your shell.

If you are using NeoStats on a rented shell, then generally, you should use the IP address your provider allocated you

After completing the last step, NeoStats tries to start, but exits with the following error:

Reading the Config File. Please wait ...
Error. You didn't edit neostats.conf
*************************************************** * Error! * * * * Config Parse Error * * * * NeoStats NOT Started * ***************************************************

Just like it says, you need to Edit the config file and review the settings. 
Use your favorite editor to open up neostats.conf. eg:

pico neostats.conf

There is one configuration item that must either be commented out, or deleted, but we wont tell you which one, as we want you to review the entire configuration file.

this might seem like a pain, but the amount of support requests we used to get due to invalid configuations before we implemented this option was amazing. By doing this, it forces you to review the configuration file before asking us "why doesn't it work?"

you can view detailed information about each configuration option

13. Configure your IRCd

Now that you have reviewed the configuration file, you need to add C/N lines or LinkBlocks to your IRCd. You should consult your IRCd documentation on how to do that

You must ensure that the entry you make for NeoStats is U-Lined on all your servers on the network, otherwise NeoStats will not be able to operate correctly!

14. Start NeoStats

Once your IRCd C/N lines or LinkBlocks are configured, you can start NeoStats with the following command:

./neostats start